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A flurry of Activity

Today’s winter temperature soared to 43 degrees in Fort Collins, Colorado. Well not bad, considering 48 is our average high and 18 is our average low for January. However , recently the night time temperatures have been much colder than usual. No complaining, especially here in Colorado that averages 360 days of sunshine. The recent […]

Snow in Colorado

10″ of snow is equivalent to 1″ of moisture. Colorado’s Front Range average rainfall is 15″. The front range rarely sees 150″ of snow, but we will see 15″ of ‘moisture’, some times coming all in spring. This can be challenging for gardeners in Fort Collins and along the front range, except that we rely […]

Essential gardening tools

Having the right tool for the job is essential here at Garden Thyme. In fact, it is one of our credos. We pride ourselves on working efficiently to give the client the best value possible.  Each new gardener is provided a Diggit dandelion gardening tool, along with a trusty pair of Felcos upon joining our […]